Maxine Naylor

Born in America to English parents and educated on both sides of the Atlantic Maxine Naylor, Professor of Design, joined the Faculty of Arts and Architecture in the summer of 2007 to lead its new Design Research Institute. Naylor previously held the Chair of Design and was Head of Design at the University of Lincoln.

Since gaining her BA (Hons) in Furniture Design at Middlesex University in 1979 and MA in Furniture Design at Buckinghamshire College in 1981, Professor Naylor has become an award-winning and influential designer exhibiting internationally in the United Kingdom, Europe, Far East, Canada and the United States of America. She has worked as an independent designer since 1982.

Naylor has taught at universities throughout Europe and the USA, she has over 20 years experience in the art and design higher education sector, with involvement in Furniture, Applied Arts, Interior Design, Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphics, Jewellery and Metalwork. She has been Course Director for Furniture Design in the School of Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture at the Royal College of Art and Associate Head of Design at Goldsmiths.

Naylor’s research is defined as critical design practice and is concerned with creativity and innovation. Her research specifically addresses the material re-evaluation and cultural re-appropriation of furniture forms and artefacts. Her work challenges the established orthodoxy and protocols of design practice and questions the traditional boundaries of art, craft and design. It has received high critical acclaim and won international design awards being cited for its experimental, unorthodox, critical and influential approach to design and visual culture.

Professor Naylor has been extensively published and reviewed in the key international design books and magazines. Naylor is also the successful recipient of a number of research grants from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. She has recently co-authored the book ‘Form Follows Idea – An Introduction to Design Poetics.’



Maxine Naylor