Back Case 3-4

back case

Seat Case 3-4

seat case

Full Case 3-4

full case 3-4

Leg Case 3-4

leg case

Seat and Back Case 3-4

seat and back case

Small Chairs Indeterminate

upper case and lower case

Child Chair Upper Case

child chair upper case

Child Chair Lower Case

child chair lower case

Child Chair Top Case

child chair open and shut case


Ball and Naylor

Discarded chairs, ambiguously ‘encased’ contemplate obsolescence, sustainability and value.  Archive articulates both the generic form and idiosyncratic patina of each chair. The paradoxical uniqueness of the ‘used,’ mass produced object preserved and celebrated.

Chair Archive formed part of Indeterminate Cases Ralph Ball and Maxine Naylor exhibition La Sala Vincon Barcelona.